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Much bigger to-do list.
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Stuff that needs to be done
tr - missing SuS3 features in busybox 1.0pre10
tr doesnt support [:blank:], [:digit:] or other predefined classes, [=equiv=]
support is also missing.
+ doesn't understand () or -exec, and these are actually used out in the real
+ world. The "make uninstall" of lots of things (including busybox itself)
+ breaks because of this, and sometimes even "make install" (like udev).
+ Perl needs "comm" to build. It's small and simple, but we haven't got it.
+ The command shell situation is a big mess. We have three or four different
+ shells that don't really share any code, and the "standalone shell" doesn't
+ work all that well (especially not in a chroot environment), due to apps not
+ being reentrant. Unifying the various shells and figuring out a configurable
+ way of adding the minimal set of bash features a given script uses is a big
+ job, but it be a big improvement.
+ Can't handle compressing multiple files at once. (I don't mean making a
+ multiple file archive, I mean compressing more than one file at a time.)
+ Some global variables aren't re-initialized between runs.
+ same problem as gzip. "gunzip one.gz two.gz three.gz" doesn't work for
+ two.gz and three.gz due to global variables not getting reset.
+ We should have a diff -u command. We have patch, we should have diff
+ (we only need to support unified diffs though).
+ should have -i support, and simple fuzz factor support to apply patches
+ at an offset shouldn't take up too much space.
+ It would be nice to have a man command. Not one that handles troff or
+ anything, just one that can handle preformatted ascii man pages, possibly
+ compressed. This could probably be a script in the extras directory that
+ calls cat/zcatbzcat | more
+ More sucks if you're used to less. A tiny less implementation would be
+ very nice.
+ Compression-side support.
+Architectural issues:
+Do a SUSv3 audit
+ Look at the full Single Unix Specification version 3 (available online at
+ "http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/nfindex.html") and
+ figure out which of our apps are compliant, and what we're missing that
+ we might actually care about.
+ Even better would be some kind of automated compliance test harness that
+ exercises each command line option and the various corner cases.
+Unify archivers
+ Lots of archivers have the same general infrastructure. The directory
+ traversal code should be factored out, and the guts of each archiver could
+ be some setup code and a series of callbacks for "add this file",
+ "add this directory", "add this symlink" and so on.
+ This could clean up tar and zip, and make it cheaper to add cpio and ar
+ write support, and possibly even cheaply add things like mkisofs someday,
+ if it becomes relevant.
+Text buffer support.
+ Several existing applets and potential additions (sort, vi, less...) read
+ a whole file into memory and act on it. There might be an opportunity
+ for shared code in there that could be moved into libbb...
+Individual compilation of applets.
+ It would be nice if busybox had the option to compile to individual applets,
+ for people who want an alternate implementation less bloated than the gnu
+ utils (or simply with less political baggage), but without it being one big
+ executable.
+ Turning libbb into a real dll is another possibility, especially if libbb
+ could export some of the other library interfaces we've already more or less
+ got the code for (like zlib).
+buildroot - Make a "dogfood" option
+ Busybox is now capable of replacing most gnu packages for real world use,
+ such as developing software or in a live CD. A system built from busybox
+ (1.00 with updated sort.c), uclibc 0.9.27, gcc, binutils, make, and a few
+ other development tools (http://www.landley.net/code/firmware has an example
+ system using autoconf, automake, bison, flex, libtools, m4, zlib,
+ and groff: dunno what subset of that is actually necessary) is capable of
+ rebuilding itself, from scratch, under itself.
+ It would be a good "eating our own dogfood" test if buildroot had the option
+ of using busybox instead of bzip2, coreutils, file, findutils, gawk, grep,
+ inetutils, modutils, net-tools, procps, sed, shadow, sysklogd, sysvinit, tar,
+ util-linux, and vim. Anything that's wrong with the resulting system, we
+ can fix. (It would be nice to be able to upgrade busybox to be able to
+ replace bash, diffutils, gzip, less, and patch as well.)