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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ you have selected, you must send me your preferred contact email address, and
finally, you must send me an ssh version 2 DSA key with 1024 bits (the default)
or more. If you do not currently have an ssh version 2 DSA key, you can
generate a key using the command<pre>ssh-keygen -t dsa</pre> This will
-create the files <pre>/home/&lt;USERNAME&gt;/ssh/id_dsa
+create the files <pre>/home/&lt;USERNAME&gt;/.ssh/id_dsa
/home/&lt;USERNAME&gt;/.ssh/id_dsa.pub</pre> You must then send the content
of 'id_dsa.pub' to me so I can setup your account. The content of 'id_dsa'
should of course be kept secret.