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- add note pointing to the stable branch, so users can pickup the current
stable version with fixes via svn.
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find -xdev, and a fix for comm. Check the file "changelog" in the tarball
for more info.</p>
+ <p>You can obtain the current stable branch via
+ <pre>
+ svn co svn://busybox.net/branches/busybox_1_1_stable
+ </pre></p>
<p>The next new development release (1.2.0) is slated for June. A 1.1.3
will be released before then if more bug fixes crop up. (The new plan is
to have a 1.x.0 new development release every 3 months, with 1.x.y stable
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@@ -18,7 +18,13 @@ grab a copy of the latest version of BusyBox using anonymous svn access:
svn co svn://busybox.net/trunk/busybox</pre>
+The current <em>stable branch</em> can be obtained with
+svn co svn://busybox.net/branches/busybox_1_1_stable
If you are not already familiar with using Subversion, I recommend you visit <a