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Announce 1.1.3.
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+ <li><b>17 May 2006 -- BusyBox 1.1.3 (stable)</b>
+ <p><a href=http://busybox.net/downloads/busybox-1.1.3.tar.bz2">BusyBox
+ 1.1.3</a> is another bugfix release. It makes passwd use salt, fixes a
+ memory freeing bug in ls, fixes "build all sources at once" mode, makes
+ mount -a not abort on the first failure, fixes msh so ctrl-c doesn't kill
+ background processes, makes patch work with patch hunks that don't have a
+ timestamp, make less's text search a lot more robust (the old one could
+ segfault), and fixes readlink -f when built against uClibc.</p>
+ <p>Expect 1.2.0 sometime next month, which won't be a bugfix release.</p>
<li><b>10 April 2006 -- BusyBox 1.1.2 (stable)</b>
<p>You can now download <a href="http://busybox.net/downloads/busybox-1.1.2.tar.bz2">BusyBox 1.1.2</a>, a bug fix release consisting of 11 patches
backported from the development branch: Some build fixes, several fixes