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diff --git a/examples/bootfloppy/bootfloppy.txt b/examples/bootfloppy/bootfloppy.txt
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--- a/examples/bootfloppy/bootfloppy.txt
+++ b/examples/bootfloppy/bootfloppy.txt
@@ -38,13 +38,13 @@ Making a Root File System
The following steps will create a root file system.
- Create an empty file that you can format as a filesystem:
dd if=/dev/zero of=rootfs bs=1k count=4000
- Set up the rootfs file we just created to be used as a loop device (may not
- be necessary)
+ be necessary)
- losetup /dev/loop0 rootfs
+ losetup /dev/loop0 rootfs
- Format the rootfs file with a filesystem:
@@ -101,15 +101,15 @@ The following steps will create the boot floppy.
Note: You will need to have the mtools package installed beforehand.
- Insert a floppy in the drive and format it with an MSDOS filesystem:
mformat a:
(if the system doesn't know what device 'a:' is, look at /etc/mtools.conf)
- Run syslinux on the floppy:
syslinux -s /dev/fd0
(the -s stands for "safe, slow, and stupid" and should work better with
buggy BIOSes; it can be omitted)
diff --git a/examples/bootfloppy/etc/profile b/examples/bootfloppy/etc/profile
index e9b11e90a..8a7c77d78 100644
--- a/examples/bootfloppy/etc/profile
+++ b/examples/bootfloppy/etc/profile
@@ -4,5 +4,5 @@ echo
echo -n "Processing /etc/profile... "
# no-op
echo "Done"
diff --git a/examples/bootfloppy/mkrootfs.sh b/examples/bootfloppy/mkrootfs.sh
index e56d10469..e79ed418e 100755
--- a/examples/bootfloppy/mkrootfs.sh
+++ b/examples/bootfloppy/mkrootfs.sh
@@ -63,10 +63,10 @@ mount -o loop,exec rootfs $TARGET_DIR # must be root
# install uClibc
mkdir -p $TARGET_DIR/lib
cp -a libc.so* $BASE_DIR/$TARGET_DIR/lib
cp -a uClibc*.so $BASE_DIR/$TARGET_DIR/lib
-cp -a ld.so-1/d-link/ld-linux-uclibc.so* $BASE_DIR/$TARGET_DIR/lib
+cp -a ld.so-1/d-link/ld-linux-uclibc.so* $BASE_DIR/$TARGET_DIR/lib
cp -a ld.so-1/libdl/libdl.so* $BASE_DIR/$TARGET_DIR/lib
cp -a crypt/libcrypt.so* $BASE_DIR/$TARGET_DIR/lib
diff --git a/examples/bootfloppy/syslinux.cfg b/examples/bootfloppy/syslinux.cfg
index 8d407cad4..fa2677ca8 100644
--- a/examples/bootfloppy/syslinux.cfg
+++ b/examples/bootfloppy/syslinux.cfg
@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ timeout 10
prompt 1
label linux
kernel linux
- append initrd=rootfs.gz root=/dev/ram0
+ append initrd=rootfs.gz root=/dev/ram0