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svok: new applet (daemontools compat)
function old new delta svok_main - 127 +127 packed_usage 32705 32757 +52 applet_names 2756 2761 +5 applet_main 1588 1592 +4 bb_banner 46 47 +1 sv 1286 1284 -2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (add/remove: 1/0 grow/shrink: 4/1 up/down: 189/-2) Total: 187 bytes Signed-off-by: Denys Vlasenko <vda.linux@googlemail.com>
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diff --git a/examples/var_service/README_distro_proposal.txt b/examples/var_service/README_distro_proposal.txt
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--- a/examples/var_service/README_distro_proposal.txt
+++ b/examples/var_service/README_distro_proposal.txt
@@ -246,7 +246,8 @@ relative to the system-wide service directory.
This proposal asks developers of other daemontools implementations
to add "svc" command to their projects]
-The "svok DIR" tool exits 0 if service is running, and nonzero if not.
+The "svok DIR" tool exits 0 if service supervisor is running
+(with service itself either running or stopped), and nonzero if not.
Other tools with different names and APIs may exist; however
for portability scripts should use the above tools.
diff --git a/examples/var_service/ifplugd_if/run b/examples/var_service/ifplugd_if/run
index fade8b98d..5d1d4e355 100755
--- a/examples/var_service/ifplugd_if/run
+++ b/examples/var_service/ifplugd_if/run
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ exec \
env - PATH="$PATH" \
softlimit \
setuidgid root \
-ifplugd -apqlns -t3 -u8 -d8 -i "$if" -r "$pwd/ifplugd_handler"
+ifplugd -aqlns -t3 -u8 -d8 -i "$if" -r "$pwd/ifplugd_handler"
# We use -t3 to wake ifplugd up less often.
# If after three tests (3*3=9 > 8) link state seen to be different,
@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@ ifplugd -apqlns -t3 -u8 -d8 -i "$if" -r "$pwd/ifplugd_handler"
# IOW: short link losses will be ignored, longer ones
# will trigger DHCP reconfiguration and such (see handler code).
+# -l makes ifplugd run either "up" or "down" script on startup.
+# For example, if wired eth cable is unplugged, this stops dhcp service
+# from pointlessly trying to get a lease.
+# -q means that stopping monitoring does not stop dhcp/zcip/etc:
+# presumably, admin decided to control them manually.
#-a Don't up interface automatically
#-p Don't run "up" script on startup
#-q Don't run "down" script on exit