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New USE() macros
For each CONFIG_SYMBOL, include/bb_config.h now has both ENABLE_SYMBOL and USE_SYMBOL(x). ENABLE_SYMBOL is still always defined (1 or 0) so that if(ENABLE) should optimize out when it's zero. The USE_SYMBOL(X) will only splice in X if the symbol is defined, otherwise it'll be empty. Thus we can convert this: #ifdef CONFIG_ARGS opt = bb_getopt_ulflags(argc, argv, "ab:c" #ifdef CONFIG_THINGY "d:" #endif , &bvalue #ifdef CONFIG_THINGY , &thingy #endif ); #endif into this: if (ENABLE_ARGS) { opt = bb_getopt_ulflags(argc, argv, "ab:c" USE_THINGY("d:"), &bvalue USE_THINGY(, &thingy)); } And it should produce the same code. Unlike the old versions in include/_usage.h, the new USE_SYMBOL(x) can handle commas in its arguments (as shown above). (The _usage.h file is obsolete and no longer generated.) Nobody should need to include config.h directly anymore, bb_config.h should define all the configuration stuff we need. Someday, the CONFIG_SYMBOL versions should go away in favor of ENABLE_SYMBOL and USE_SYMBOL(). Thanks to vodz for the new version of bb_mkdep.c that works with function macros.
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diff --git a/include/platform.h b/include/platform.h
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--- a/include/platform.h
+++ b/include/platform.h
@@ -78,9 +78,4 @@
# endif
-/* include USAGE_APPLET_x helper macros for usage.h. */
-#include "_usage.h"
#endif /* platform.h */