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authorGravatar Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>2006-02-22 22:56:30 +0000
committerGravatar Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>2006-02-22 22:56:30 +0000
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diff --git a/libbb/getopt_ulflags.c b/libbb/getopt_ulflags.c
index bfd7aae7f..199147b76 100644
--- a/libbb/getopt_ulflags.c
+++ b/libbb/getopt_ulflags.c
@@ -69,6 +69,13 @@ bb_getopt_ulflags (int argc, char **argv, const char *applet_opts, ...)
by the "::" special separator that is set in the external string
bb_opt_complementally (see below for more info).
+ "+" If the first character in the applet_opts string is a plus,
+ then option processing will stop as soon as a non-option is
+ encountered in the argv array. Useful for applets like env
+ which should not process arguments to subprograms:
+ env -i ls -d /
+ Here we want env to process just the '-i', not the '-d'.
static const struct option bb_default_long_options[]
This struct allows you to define long options. The syntax for