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Split miscutils/Config.src items into miscutils/*.c files
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@@ -53,6 +53,62 @@
The postal address is:
Richard Gooch, c/o ATNF, P. O. Box 76, Epping, N.S.W., 2121, Australia.
+//config:config DEVFSD
+//config: bool "devfsd (obsolete)"
+//config: default n
+//config: select PLATFORM_LINUX
+//config: select FEATURE_SYSLOG
+//config: help
+//config: This is deprecated and should NOT be used anymore.
+//config: Use linux >= 2.6 (optionally with hotplug) and mdev instead!
+//config: See docs/mdev.txt for detailed instructions on how to use mdev
+//config: instead.
+//config: Provides compatibility with old device names on a devfs systems.
+//config: You should set it to true if you have devfs enabled.
+//config: The following keywords in devsfd.conf are supported:
+//config: But only if they are written UPPERCASE!!!!!!!!
+//config:config DEVFSD_MODLOAD
+//config: bool "Adds support for MODLOAD keyword in devsfd.conf"
+//config: default y
+//config: depends on DEVFSD
+//config: help
+//config: This actually doesn't work with busybox modutils but needs
+//config: the external modutils.
+//config:config DEVFSD_FG_NP
+//config: bool "Enables the -fg and -np options"
+//config: default y
+//config: depends on DEVFSD
+//config: help
+//config: -fg Run the daemon in the foreground.
+//config: -np Exit after parsing the configuration file.
+//config: Do not poll for events.
+//config:config DEVFSD_VERBOSE
+//config: bool "Increases logging (and size)"
+//config: default y
+//config: depends on DEVFSD
+//config: help
+//config: Increases logging to stderr or syslog.
+//config:config FEATURE_DEVFS
+//config: bool "Use devfs names for all devices (obsolete)"
+//config: default n
+//config: select PLATFORM_LINUX
+//config: help
+//config: This is obsolete and should NOT be used anymore.
+//config: Use linux >= 2.6 (optionally with hotplug) and mdev instead!
+//config: For legacy systems -- if there is no way around devfsd -- this
+//config: tells busybox to look for names like /dev/loop/0 instead of
+//config: /dev/loop0. If your /dev directory has normal names instead of
+//config: devfs names, you don't want this.
//usage:#define devfsd_trivial_usage
//usage: "mntpnt [-v]" IF_DEVFSD_FG_NP("[-fg][-np]")