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authorGravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer <rep.dot.nop@gmail.com>2007-09-02 14:51:54 +0000
committerGravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer <rep.dot.nop@gmail.com>2007-09-02 14:51:54 +0000
commit8d91c13df5ecd4e2e2f7e4bea6bf5bec9495e1ca (patch)
treed170d2548e805037f3c1b31317f8f7c4b67fe114 /scripts
parent7bc5360bba5ae057771200e2d5ae55c45f178c0d (diff)
- fix bug where we linked again -lm even though it is not needed.
For BBOX_LIB_LIST="crypt m" trylink ... with just applet true, we pulled in libm because in this case we tried to use invalid flags (plain "-l" without a lib) which of course failed, thus the script thought that -lm was needed. The fix is not to pass "-l" without a lib if we are about to check if any or the last remaining lib is really needed.
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diff --git a/scripts/trylink b/scripts/trylink
index 4eaa334d5..69473076b 100755
--- a/scripts/trylink
+++ b/scripts/trylink
@@ -39,8 +39,17 @@ while test "$BBOX_LIB_LIST"; do
for one in $BBOX_LIB_LIST; do
without_one=`echo " $BBOX_LIB_LIST " | sed "s/ $one / /g" | xargs`
l_list=`echo "$without_one" | sed -e 's/ / -l/g' -e 's/^/-l/'`
- $debug && echo "Trying -l options: $l_list"
- if try "-Wl,--start-group $l_list -Wl,--end-group" "$@"; then
+ # If l_list is just "-l" without a lib, then make sure to test the
+ # correct thing to fail: just using -l will fail, so the last lib
+ # (usually m in my case) will incorrectly be added as needed.
+ if test "x$without_one" != "x"; then
+ l_list="-Wl,--start-group $l_list -Wl,--end-group"
+ else
+ # without_one is empty, so l_list has to be empty too
+ l_list=""
+ fi
+ $debug && echo "Trying -l options: '$l_list'"
+ if try "$l_list" "$@"; then
echo "Library $one is not needed"