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Digging up my old "make standalone" stuff from a year ago:
http://busybox.net/lists/busybox/2005-September/015766.html I renamed it "individual" to not confuse it with the standalone shell. (Which it isn't compatible with for obvious reasons.) Configure busybox (I did make defconfig), then run scripts/individual and it'll build an individual version of each applet in the "build" subdirectory. Currently it builds 146 and fails to build 104 applets out of "make defconfig". I haven't taught it about multi-file applets yet (like tar), or the ones where two applets get built from the same source (for example, zcat is a trivial variant of gunzip so there is no zcat.c). But here's a start.
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+# Make our prerequisites.
+make busybox.links include/bb_config.h
+# Adding "libbb/libbb.a" to the previous line doesn't work, nor does going
+# "make libbb.a" in the libb directory. The busybox makefile has layers and
+# layers of overcomplicated brokenness...
+cd libbb
+cd ..
+# Here are a few that build in a standard way. Others are easy to get to
+# build, for example miscutils/dc needs -lm and most of loginutils/* needs
+# -lcrypt...
+rm -rf build
+mkdir build
+for APPLET in `sed 's .*/ ' busybox.links`
+ j=`find . -name "$APPLET.c"`
+ if [ -z "$j" ]
+ then
+ echo no file for $APPLET
+ else
+ echo "Building $APPLET..."
+ gcc -Os -o build/$APPLET applets/individual.c $j libbb/libbb.a -Iinclude -DAPPLET_main=${APPLET}_main -DAPPLET_full_usage=${APPLET}_full_usage
+ if [ $? -ne 0 ];
+ then
+ echo "Failed."
+ fi
+ fi
+strip build/*