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hush: fix a bug with "stdio rewind on exit". Closes 9186
With FEATURE_SH_STANDALONE=y, run this in a "sh SCRIPT": sha256sum /dev/null echo END sha256sum is a NOEXEC applet. It runs in a forked child. Then child exit()s. By this time, entire script is read, and buffered in a FILE object from fopen("SCRIPT"). But fgetc() did not consume entire input. exit() lseeks back by -9 bytes, from <eof> to 'e' in 'echo'. (this may be libc-specific). This change of fd position *is shared with the parent*! Now parent can read more, and it thinks there is another "echo END". End result: two "echo END"s are run. `cmd` and arithmetic also need the fix for this, even without FEATURE_SH_STANDALONE. Fix this by _exit()ing instead. Signed-off-by: Denys Vlasenko <vda.linux@googlemail.com>
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