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authorGravatar Mark Whitley <markw@lineo.com>2001-06-11 23:50:06 +0000
committerGravatar Mark Whitley <markw@lineo.com>2001-06-11 23:50:06 +0000
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- Fixed bug where you couldn't mix line number and regexes in two-address cmds
- Fixed bug where you couldn't use two addresses for a 'c' cmd - Moved the do_sed_cmd function into process_file to simplify some things - Reduced a buncha lines of code in the process
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diff --git a/tests/testcases b/tests/testcases
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--- a/tests/testcases
+++ b/tests/testcases
@@ -294,11 +294,19 @@ route
# rpmunpack
-# sed - we can do some one-liners here; probably needs it's own input file
+# sed - we can do some one-liners here, some testing is a little
+# difficult to do in just this space (like a,i,c cmds).
+# test ^$ matching
echo foo | sed -ne '/^$/p'
+echo -e "foo\\n\\nbar" | sed -ne '/^$/p'
sed -e '/test$/d' testcases
sed -e '/^echo/d' testcases
sed -e '/test/s/dangerous/PELIGROSO/' testcases
+sed -ne '1,/getopt/p' ../pwd.c
+sed -e '/getopt/r ../pwd.c' ../sed.c
# setkeycodes