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//config: sets TERM to "vt102" if one is found.
-//config: bool "Modify the command-line to \"init\""
+//config: bool "Clear init's command line"
//config: default y
//config: depends on INIT || LINUXRC
//config: help
//config: When launched as PID 1 and after parsing its arguments, init
//config: wipes all the arguments but argv[0] and rewrites argv[0] to
-//config: contain only "init", so that its command-line appears solely as
+//config: contain only "init", so that its command line appears solely as
//config: "init" in tools such as ps.
//config: If this option is set to Y, init will keep its original behavior,
//config: otherwise, all the arguments including argv[0] will be preserved,