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diff --git a/networking/pscan.c b/networking/pscan.c
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--- a/networking/pscan.c
+++ b/networking/pscan.c
@@ -18,13 +18,13 @@
//usage:#define pscan_trivial_usage
//usage: "[-cb] [-p MIN_PORT] [-P MAX_PORT] [-t TIMEOUT] [-T MIN_RTT] HOST"
//usage:#define pscan_full_usage "\n\n"
-//usage: "Scan a host, print all open ports\n"
+//usage: "Scan HOST, print all open ports\n"
//usage: "\n -c Show closed ports too"
//usage: "\n -b Show blocked ports too"
-//usage: "\n -p Scan from this port (default 1)"
-//usage: "\n -P Scan up to this port (default 1024)"
-//usage: "\n -t Timeout (default 5000 ms)"
-//usage: "\n -T Minimum rtt (default 5 ms, increase for congested hosts)"
+//usage: "\n -p PORT Scan from this port (default 1)"
+//usage: "\n -P PORT Scan up to this port (default 1024)"
+//usage: "\n -t MS Timeout (default 5000 ms)"
+//usage: "\n -T MS Minimum rtt (default 5 ms)"
#include "libbb.h"