path: root/archival/bunzip2.c
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* Glenn gave permission for GPLv2 "or later".Gravatar Rob Landley2006-04-171-1/+1
* Cleanup patch by Bernhard Fischer, removing unnecessary includes ofGravatar Rob Landley2005-09-111-2/+1
* Don't comment warnings, _FIX_ warnings. (And putting in #warnings aboutGravatar Rob Landley2005-08-301-48/+22
* tell people to ignore the save_name warningGravatar Mike Frysinger2005-07-301-0/+1
* Fixup some warningsGravatar Eric Andersen2004-08-281-0/+2
* Update my email address, document some of my tasks in the AUTHORS fileGravatar Glenn L McGrath2004-04-251-1/+1
* s/fileno\(stdin\)/STDIN_FILENO/gGravatar Eric Andersen2004-03-271-2/+2
* Use bb_getopt_ulflags, simplify some logic, saves some bytes.Gravatar Glenn L McGrath2004-01-051-40/+29
* Use the return value from uncompress_bunzip, fix some typoGravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-10-291-8/+5
* Fix a logic error, the old bunzip code returned non-zero for success,Gravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-10-281-1/+1
* Major coreutils update.Gravatar Manuel Novoa III2003-03-191-8/+8
* Abstract read and seek in unarchiving code, convert bunzip to file descriptor...Gravatar Glenn L McGrath2002-11-031-14/+17
* Move bunzip2 idecompression code to libunarchiveGravatar Glenn L McGrath2002-11-031-1787/+22
* inline many functions that are only called once. saves about 300 bytesGravatar Aaron Lehmann2002-06-231-10/+10
* remove cleanUpAndFail, and replace it with exit(). because that's whatGravatar Aaron Lehmann2002-06-231-22/+3
* Major revamp. I've been trying to clean up the code. the bzerror stuffGravatar Aaron Lehmann2002-06-221-562/+54
* * archival/bunzip2.c (bunzip2_main): Do not remove files if writing to standardGravatar Matt Kraai2002-04-151-2/+2
* * archival/bunzip2.c (bunzip2_main): Remove compressed file.Gravatar Matt Kraai2002-03-271-2/+19
* * archival/bunzip2.c: Include <unistd.h>.Gravatar Matt Kraai2002-03-271-17/+22
* Remove `== TRUE' tests and convert `!= TRUE' and `== FALSE' tests to use !.Gravatar Matt Kraai2001-12-201-44/+44
* Commit my improvement on Rodney Brown's patch to g(un)zip, decreasingGravatar Aaron Lehmann2001-12-061-1/+1
* bzcat and bunzip -c support from Thomas LundquistGravatar Glenn L McGrath2001-11-181-4/+34
* Change strdup calls to xstrdup (patch from Steve Merrifield).Gravatar Matt Kraai2001-11-121-1/+1
* Initial support for for bunzip2....Gravatar Glenn L McGrath2001-10-051-0/+2340