path: root/archival/libunarchive/decompress_unxz.c
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* rename archival/libunarchive -> archival/libarchive; move bz/ into itGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-11-031-98/+0
* libbb: introduce and use common crc32 routineGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-10-271-11/+3
* *: make GNU licensing statement forms more regularGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-161-1/+1
* xz compression detection: avoid the need to seekGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-07-011-1/+3
* decompress_unxz: use common stringGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-06-211-1/+1
* unxz: update from XZ embedded gitGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-06-201-35/+17
* *: better string sharingGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-06-021-1/+1
* decompress_unxz: allocate permanent crc32 table _fisrt_Gravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-06-011-3/+3
* decompress_unxz: newer version, one which can unpack SHA-256 protected filesGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-06-011-6/+12
* unxz: remove debugging. no code changesGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-05-301-1/+0
* *: teach tar et. al. to understand .xz by heartGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-05-301-4/+5
* forgotten "git add"...Gravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-05-301-0/+116