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* config: deindent all help textsGravatar Denys Vlasenko2017-07-211-1/+1
* Update menuconfig items with approximate applet sizesGravatar Denys Vlasenko2017-07-181-1/+1
* Convert all console-tools/* applets to "new style" applet definitionsGravatar Denys Vlasenko2016-11-231-0/+10
* Removes stray empty line from codeGravatar Maninder Singh2015-07-131-1/+0
* *: remove "Options:" string from help textsGravatar Denys Vlasenko2011-06-051-1/+0
* move help text from include/usage.src.h to console-tools/*.cGravatar Pere Orga2011-03-281-0/+9
* showkey: make showkey -a work on any stdinGravatar Harald Becker2011-02-271-13/+24
* whitespace cleanupGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-10-291-6/+6
* *: use _exit() in sighandlers; showkey: do not use exit-thru-sighandlerGravatar Marek Polacek2010-10-281-40/+33
* showkey: code shrinkGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-291-16/+16
* *: make GNU licensing statement forms more regularGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-161-1/+1
* showkey: suppress gcc warningGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-09-281-2/+2
* whitespace fixesGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-09-251-3/+3
* showkey: new applet by VladimirGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-08-171-0/+138