path: root/coreutils/catv.c
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* introduce bb_putchar(). saves ~1800 on uclibc (less on glibc).Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-09-271-2/+2
* don't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluousGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-08-181-1/+1
* catv: catv without arguments was trying to use environ as argv.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-08-061-3/+6
* catv: was abusing xopen, should not die on err, but warn only.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-06-121-8/+13
* Audit bb_common_bufsiz usage, add script which looks for misuse.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-06-041-2/+3
* usage.c: remove reference to busybox.hGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-05-261-1/+1
* suppress warnings about easch <applet>_main() havingGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-02-031-0/+1
* remove bb_printf and the likeGravatar Denis Vlasenko2006-10-261-4/+4
* correct largefile support, add comments about it.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2006-10-081-3/+3
* getopt_ulflags -> getopt32.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2006-10-031-1/+1
* - pull from busybox_scratch: r15829:15850Gravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2006-08-281-19/+25
* Remove bb_ prefixes from xfuncs.c (and a few other places), consolidateGravatar Rob Landley2006-08-031-3/+1
* Add catv (separate applet instead of cat -v). Also cleanup cat.c comments,Gravatar Rob Landley2006-05-311-0/+65