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* Rob Landley is busybox maintainer now. Eeek.Gravatar Rob Landley2006-02-141-1/+1
* Sync my tasks with AUTHORS fileGravatar Glenn L McGrath2004-04-251-2/+4
* Update my email address, document some of my tasks in the AUTHORS fileGravatar Glenn L McGrath2004-04-251-2/+2
* Put the glibc nss junk back at the endGravatar Eric Andersen2004-04-131-1/+24
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* last_patch83 by Vladimir N. OleynikGravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-02-101-2/+2
* New applet, inetd, make httpd features more configurable, update authors, las...Gravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-02-091-3/+9
* fdisk applet by Vladimir N. OleynikGravatar Glenn L McGrath2002-11-261-2/+3
* Rewrite of xargs by Vladimir N. OleynikGravatar Glenn L McGrath2002-11-101-2/+2
* last_patch63 from vodz: add in crond and crontab appletsGravatar Eric Andersen2002-10-221-2/+2
* last_patch58 from vodz:Gravatar Eric Andersen2002-09-301-2/+3
* Vodz' last_patch31Gravatar Eric Andersen2001-12-181-2/+2
* - usage.hGravatar John Beppu2001-04-171-7/+20
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* Apply Vladimir's latest cleanup patch.Gravatar Eric Andersen2001-04-091-1/+8
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