path: root/loginutils/adduser.c
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* Remove trailing whitespace. Update copyright to include 2004.Gravatar Eric Andersen2004-03-151-2/+2
* move all "-/bin/sh" "/bin/sh" and "sh" to libbb/messages.c file as oneGravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-09-021-2/+1
* Based on a tinylogin patch from Philip Blundell, add severalGravatar Eric Andersen2003-06-211-30/+74
* last_patch89 from vodz:Gravatar Eric Andersen2003-06-201-28/+12
* Major coreutils update.Gravatar Manuel Novoa III2003-03-191-19/+19
* Apply vodz' last_patch52Gravatar Eric Andersen2002-09-161-10/+6
* Fix for the totally broken adduser applet (parts/ideas from vodz and tito)Gravatar Robert Griebl2002-07-161-18/+10
* Port over the last of the tinylogin appletsGravatar Eric Andersen2002-06-231-52/+4
* Bigger patch for (partial) tinylogin integrationGravatar Robert Griebl2002-06-041-0/+352