path: root/loginutils/passwd.c
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* Set the default password to md5, patch by Joshua JacksonGravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-09-041-1/+1
* Major coreutils update.Gravatar Manuel Novoa III2003-03-191-13/+13
* Patch from Joshua Jackson, make md5 the default hash algorithmGravatar Glenn L McGrath2003-02-081-3/+3
* Applied vodz' patches #49 and #50 (with a small correction in runshell.c)Gravatar Robert Griebl2002-07-191-1/+1
* Fix text alignment, thanks to Sander Klein <s.klein@quicknet.nl>Gravatar Eric Andersen2002-07-031-6/+4
* Port over the last of the tinylogin appletsGravatar Eric Andersen2002-06-231-0/+408