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* message string changes, mostly for consistency, also -32 bytes in .rodataGravatar Denis Vlasenko2006-10-201-1/+1
* getopt_ulflags -> getopt32.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2006-10-031-1/+1
* whitespace cleanupGravatar Denis Vlasenko2006-09-171-11/+11
* - merge -r15463:15564 from busybox_scratch branch through these changesets:Gravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2006-08-201-7/+0
* Remove bb_ prefixes from xfuncs.c (and a few other places), consolidateGravatar Rob Landley2006-08-031-30/+24
* - move #include busybox.h to the very top so we pull in the configGravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2006-06-031-2/+1
* And fix the error I just introduced. :)Gravatar Rob Landley2006-05-251-1/+1
* Remove pointless #define.Gravatar Rob Landley2006-05-251-4/+1
* - fix invalid modeGravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2006-05-191-1/+1
* Rob Sullivan writes: rewrite the regex handling to improve stabilityGravatar Mike Frysinger2006-04-291-58/+51
* From Rob Sullivan: Fix a segfault with searching, plus some cleanups.Gravatar Rob Landley2006-04-181-58/+49
* just use the stack to kill memleak and return if user didnt give us anything ...Gravatar Mike Frysinger2006-04-161-7/+5
* use xmalloc, dont hardcode length of string, and get rid of pointless call to...Gravatar Mike Frysinger2006-04-161-3/+2
* uncuddle if statementsGravatar Mike Frysinger2006-04-161-5/+5
* use more boiler plate GPL noticesGravatar Mike Frysinger2006-04-161-16/+4
* uncuddle bracketsGravatar Mike Frysinger2006-04-161-69/+78
* removed anoinig warningsGravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2006-02-011-1/+1
* Ahem. Vladimir checked in a different fix bug didn't close out the bug.Gravatar Rob Landley2005-12-161-1/+0
* Less would segfault if it had no tty. (Bug 600.)Gravatar Rob Landley2005-12-161-0/+1
* fopen(TTY...) to bb_xfopen(), close bug 600Gravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-12-151-1/+1
* change interface to bb_xasprintf() - more perfect for me.Gravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-09-291-5/+2
* quick patch - have removed stranges for meGravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-09-221-19/+26
* 1) read from stdin work nowGravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-09-191-34/+21
* quick patchs: drop founded memory leak, more libbb, more C-compatibility, siz...Gravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-09-191-82/+89
* First cleanup pass, from Rob Sullivan. More to be done...Gravatar Rob Landley2005-09-181-144/+106
* more C-compatibily, Thanks Bernhard FischerGravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-09-161-1/+2
* small change for highlihting flags, more busyboxes: indent, forward declarati...Gravatar "Vladimir N. Oleynik"2005-09-161-510/+464
* New applet "less", from Rob Sullivan.Gravatar Rob Landley2005-09-151-0/+1262