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* - first pass to unify/cleanup uid handling (-236b)Gravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2008-07-211-4/+3
* *: rename ATTRIBUTE_XXX to just XXX.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-07-051-2/+2
* whitespace fixes. no code changesGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-06-251-5/+4
* Fix trivial problems: "make clean" cleaning too muchGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-06-071-0/+1
* tcpudp: trivial build fixGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-03-311-3/+3
* *: s/BB_SIGS_FATAL/BB_FATAL_SIGS/ (latter proved easier to remember)Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-03-191-1/+1
* svn add/svn rm to actually move tcp/udpsvd...Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-03-171-0/+609