path: root/selinux/chcon.c
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* trylink: produce even more info about final link stageGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-08-121-1/+1
* Replace index_in_[sub]str_array with index_in_[sub]strings,Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-07-241-1/+1
* rework long option handling. saves ~1.2kGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-07-231-15/+14
* usage.c: remove reference to busybox.hGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-05-261-1/+2
* - sed -e "s/char[[:space:]]*\*[[:space:]]*argv\[\]/char **argv/g"Gravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2007-04-041-2/+2
* - fold recurse, depthFirst and dereference params into one param flags.Gravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2007-03-291-3/+1
* fix accumulated whitespace and indentation damageGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-03-201-1/+1
* chcon: remove redundant ifs: if(p) free(p)Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-03-121-5/+2
* chcon: exclude constraints for impossible option if long opts are offGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-03-121-3/+6
* next portion of selinux updates: chcon, runcon. FromGravatar Denis Vlasenko2007-03-111-0/+175