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* hush: add support for ${var/pattern/repl}, conditional on bash compatGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-09-051-7/+0
* hush: fix handling of backslashes in variable assignmentGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-09-041-2/+2
* ash: add another ${v/a/b} test we currently failGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-302-0/+15
* ash: fix another bit of var_bash4 bugGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-072-2/+2
* var_bash4.tests: better wording in commentGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-061-4/+4
* update var_bash4 test. one more bug revealed by it now...Gravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-062-8/+68
* ash: extend var_bash4.tests; nocode changesGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-052-2/+7
* ash: add a testcase for bug 2281 (currently fails). Small code cleanups.Gravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-08-054-40/+52
* ash: fix var_leak.tests so that it actually catches the NOFORK bugGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-05-182-1/+7
* ash: fix var_leak testcaseGravatar Denys Vlasenko2010-05-182-6/+16
* ash: fix ${var/s/r} handling, add testcase.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-06-142-0/+61
* ash: add another testsuite entry ("leaking variables" bug)Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-04-132-0/+11
* ash: a bit more complete POSIX subst testsuite entryGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-04-122-2/+17
* ash: add testsuite entry for POSIX-mandated ${var#word} ${var##word}Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-04-122-0/+23
* ash: support for && and || in [[ expr ]]; add testsuite checksGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-03-254-0/+66
* ash: handle "A=1 A=2 B=$A; echo $B". closes bug 947.Gravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-02-154-0/+22