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+0.9.18 12 February 2003
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+ Once again, this release is _NOT_ binary compatible with earlier
+ releases. I _think this will be the last time (with the possible
+ exception of some future changes to our locale support...)
+Release highlights:
+ Stefan Allius
+ o fixed a compile problem when large file support was disabled
+ o fixed dlib_pic.o to compile with proper flags
+ o fixed a shared lib loader compile warning
+ o Made adding libgcc functions to uClibc optional
+ Erik Andersen
+ o Fixed scandir64 to not free the wrong pieces of memory
+ which caused segfaults
+ o Fixed mismatches between kernel and libc dirent structures
+ o Fixed mismatches between the size of uClibc's struct dirent
+ and struct dirent64 so that when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 we
+ do not lose part of the filename
+ o Fixed getdents64.c so the build will not break when compiling
+ vs a 2.0.x Linux kernel when UCLIBC_HAS_LFS is enabled
+ o Create stub crti.o and crtn.o files when UCLIBC_CTOR_DTOR is disabled
+ o Fixed licenses for a few files that erroneously were listed as GPL
+ but were really LGPL after discussing with authors
+ o sigaction for x86 had an extra and unwanted sigaction syscall
+ o Fixed debugging of arm binaries by adding a .note.ABI-tag section
+ Miles Bader
+ o header file updates for v850 architecture
+ o Fixed v850 clone syscall
+ Christian Krause
+ o Fixed pthread_cond_timedwait to properly uses rt singals
+ when available
+ Christophe Massiot
+ o Added mips _flush_cache syscall
+ David McCullough
+ o Added m68k brk syscall
+ Marshall M. Midden
+ o Fixed pipe implementation for mips
+ -Erik
0.9.17 25 January 2003
See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.