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+0.9.19 3 March 2003
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+ This release remains binary compatible with 0.9.18 (except
+ for mips, but then mips was unusable in stock 0.9.18 anyways).
+Release highlights:
+ Stefan Allius
+ o Some Makefile and warning fixes
+ David Airlie
+ o Fixed gcc wrapper handling of ctor/dtor stuff when used in
+ with and w/o the nostdinc and nostdlib options
+ Erik Andersen
+ o Fixed a number of system call kernel type/user type translation
+ problems that scrambed a handful of system calls.
+ o Fixup powerpc syscalls to eliminate warnings with gcc-3.2
+ o Fixed several ioctl special cases for powerpc
+ o Checked in forgotten mips kernel_types.h changes
+ o Fixed mips shared library loader bug that caused segfaults
+ o Major update to the pthreads library. Should improve performance.
+ o Fixed uClibc's shared library loader so we can properly debug
+ applications using pthreads (must use gdb 5.3 or newer which
+ was compiled using uClibc).
+ o Made uClibc's ldd act just the glibc provided one (i.e. relying
+ on the shared lib loader to do the work) when it is possible to
+ doi so, and only rummage about the ELF headers when we have no
+ other choice (such as when using 'ldd' on cross compiled stuff).
+ Miles Bader
+ o header file updates for v850 architecture
+ o Fixed v850 crt0.S __uClibc_main argument stack space
+ Jeffrey Damick
+ o Fixed res_init() so it properly reloads /etc/resolv.conf
+ Vadim Lebedev
+ o Fixed ARM setjmp when floating point was disabled
+ David McCullough
+ o Removed debug (-g) when building crti.o and crtn.o, as
+ debug would mess up the build for SH4 and probably others.
+ o Fixed SH setjmp when floating point was enabled
+ -Erik
0.9.18 12 February 2003
See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.