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+0.9.15 27 August 2002
+This is a minor bugfix release.
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+Release highlights:
+ o Eliminated the HAS_LONG_LONG option. gcc always supports
+ long long, and the option never excluded all long long anyways.
+ o ctype.h no longer allows multiple argument evaluation in
+ compliance with ANSI/ISO C99
+ o Obscure printf fixes -- one involving %o and one involving %f.
+ o Bugfixes for locking and reentrance in password/group functions
+ o Directly use kernel types for most items, eliminating needless
+ translation and fixing several bugs.
+ o Directly use kernel struct stat -- no more translating
+ o More superH (sh) architecture merging from Stefan Allius
+ o Errno values and strerror are now correct on alpha, sparc, and mips
+ o Fixed an obscure bug with fclose when custom streams are enabled.
+ o Lots of other little bug fixes and cleanups
+ -Erik
0.9.14 12 August 2002
This is a minor bugfix release.