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Final update for 0.9.16
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+0.9.16 8 November 2002
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+Release highlights:
+ o CRIS architecture and shared library support from Tobias Anderberg
+ o New uClibc configuration system
+ o shared library global constructors and destructors initialization
+ ordering fixed by Stefan Allius
+ o More SuperH architecture fixes from Stefan Allius
+ o uClibc now compiles with newer versions of gcc (i.e. RedHat 8.0)
+ o uClibc no longer requires perl to compile
+ o mips dlopen was fixed by Steven J. Hill
+ o pty and tty handling fixes
+ o Manuel Novoa added support for a new /etc/TZ file for globally
+ setting the system timezone.
+ o Manuel also fixed up a number of remaining wide char issues.
+ o Lots of other little bug fixes and cleanups
+ -Erik
0.9.15 27 August 2002
This is a minor bugfix release.