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committerGravatar Eric Andersen <andersen@codepoet.org>2002-01-29 11:17:56 +0000
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Create a changelog vs the 0.9.8 release so people can track
exactly what has changed...
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+Erik Andersen:
+ o Reworked all signal handling such that signal handling
+ now passes POSIX conformance tests.
+ o Added missing syscalls: get_kernel_syms, fcntl64,
+ fdatasync, sched_setparam, sched_getparam,
+ sched_setscheduler, sched_getscheduler,
+ sched_get_priority_max, sched_get_priority_min,
+ sched_rr_get_interval, sigaltstack, sendfile,
+ pivot_root, sigsuspend
+ o Fixed fcntl to work when DOLFS is enabled
+ o Made getopt behave the same when staticly linking
+ as when dynamicly linking. It was using different
+ implementations depending on how apps were linked.
+ o Added missing inttypes.h header file
+ o Eliminate all C++ style comments from header files
+ o Support statvfs and statfs
+ o Support getmntent_r
+ o Scandir and scandir64 were calling malloc without
+ checking for ENOMEM
+ o Fixed stpcpy function declaration
+ o Many large file support improvements.
+ o Fixed termios code to do the Right Thing(tm)
+ o Allow regex to be excluded at compile time
+ o Implemented mempcpy
+ o Build ldd and readelf for the target system and for the
+ host system
+ o Fix several cases where get-needed-libgcc-objects.sh
+ could fail, breaking the shared uClibc library.
+ o Include all shared library loader objects into a
+ single C file, thereby producing smaller code.
+ o Reworked the shared library linking process to be more
+ flexible so that gcc and ld can more easily target the
+ C library.
+ o Better error checking in the Makefiles
+ o We can now autodetect the target architecture
+ o Fixed sleep and usleep to work correctly when
+ interrupted by signals.
+ o Hide references to wchar_t so GNU autoconf
+ configure scripts won't get confused and try to
+ enable wide char support.
+ o Fixed stdio.h so apps can use varargs.h if they want to.
+ o Added brk/sbrk support to arm
+Miles Bader:
+ o Fixes for the v850 architecture: crt0, setjmp,
+ arch autodetection, etc.
+ o Fixed `make install' to not build ldso stuff on
+ non-shared-library systems.
+Michael E Brown:
+ o Allow the gcc wrapper to support setting DEVEL_PREFIX
+ and BUILD_DIR at runtime (no more need to recompile).
+M. R. Brown and Erik Andersen:
+ o Fixed the SH port so it now works. Tested and shown
+ working on an SH4 Dreamcast system.
+Kim Heino:
+ o Made 'make clean' remove generated bits/syscall.h
+David McCullough:
+ o SH architecture updates. Added brk, sbrk,
+ o Fixed simple malloc to work on systems with an MMU
+ o Taught getutent to return NULL if utmp doesn't exist.
+ o Added insque/remque support
+ o Fixed DNS resolver version number so apps won't get
+ confused and use the wrong API.
+ o Added Config selectable shadow password support
+CÚdric Schieli:
+ o Add support for inet_netof, inet_lnaof, inet_makeaddr
+ and hstrerror.
+David Schleef:
+ o Added libstrip, a nifty script to automagically
+ strip unneeded content from the uClibc shared
+ libraries.
+Stefan Soucek:
+ o Add rcmd support, i.e. rsh, rlogin, etc.
+ o Fix rcmd to avoid alloca, which is dangerous
+ on mmu-less systems
+ o Eliminate a buffer overflow in the shared library loader
+Brian Stafford:
+ o Enable support for Unix98 PTYs, and add option
+ to disable old style PTYs.