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+0.9.12 20 June 2002
+Release highlights:
+ o Add full shared library support for mips, thanks
+ to a lot of hard work from Steven J. Hill
+ o i960 architecture support, thanks to Martin Proulx
+ o An initial alpha port (works, but needs some cleanup)
+ o Fixes shared library support for powerpc
+ o Fixes for mmu-less systems
+ o Much improved thread locking and reentrance.
+ o More gcc wrapper updates. XFree86 really does link
+ this time around. It still didn't last time.
+ o Libcrypt now passes conformance tests
+ o Nearly complete locale supporti thanks to a lot
+ of hard work by Manuel Novoa III. This stuff is
+ _way_ smaller than glibc's
+ o Completely new time handling functions
+ o Lots of other bug fixes and cleanups.
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+ -Erik
+ 20 June 2002
+Erik Andersen:
0.9.11 10 April 2002
Release highlights: