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+0.9.11 10 April 2002
+Release highlights:
+ o Lots of bug fixes
+ o Much better large file support
+ o Several gcc wrapper bug fixes, so things like iproute2 and
+ XFree86 should now link properly.
+ o Fixes a stdio thread locking bug that could cause random
+ deadlocks on s*printf calls when threading was enabled.
+Erik Andersen:
+ o Added a generic implementation of truncate64.c and ftruncate64.c
+ o Added missing creat64, glob64, mkstemp64, getrlimit64, setrlimit64
+ o Removed internal erroneous use of __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
+ o Made libpthread compile on sparc and powerpc
+ o Made libpthread soname and symlinks match the other libraries.
+ o Added finite() to the C89 math lib, since some math functions use it.
+ o Added missing function pointer to error.c (some apps wanted it)
+ o Fixed initfini build for arches where gcc tries to be sneaky
+ o Fixed m68k/bits/setjmp.h which I has broken in the last release.
+ o Fixed a buffer overflow in the dynamic library loader
+ o Fixed a stdio thread locking bug that could cause random
+ deadlocks on s*printf calls when threading was enabled.
+ o Implemented sqrtf(), needed for libstdc++ on arm
+Miles Bader:
+ o Make clean fixes to not blindly wipe all symlinks
+ o Re-enabled clnt_perror()
+ o Re-implemented swab()
+Dwayne Fontenot:
+ o Many updates to the uClibc Working Application List
+Steven J. Hill:
+ o Many updates to the mips dynamic loader. Not yet working but
+ getting very close now.
+ o Fixed locking bug in getttyent()
+ o Support libpthread on mips
+Richard June:
+ o Fixed several bugs in utmp code (pututline was only writing the
+ first sizeof-a-pointer bytes to the utmpfile).
+ o setutent() was only opening utmp readonly.
+ o Fixed a silly typing problem with the getuid syscall.
+Manuel Novoa III:
+ o Fixed stdio FILE read/write auto-transition bugs.
+ o Better stdio errno handling
+ o Changed setvbuf() to more closely match glibc's behavior
+ o Fixed getpass() to not echo passwords to the console
+ o Fixed locale ISblank flag.
+ o Fixed an arg promotion handling bug in _do_one_spec for %c reported
+ by Ilguiz Latypov.
+Kensuke Otake:
+ o Implemented swab()
+Yoshinori Sato:
+ o Fixed h8300 architecture support for pthreads and changes to
+ the include files
+David Schleef:
+ o Made powerpc assembly code PIC-compatible
+ o Removed powerpc R_PPC_REL24 handling, since it was deceptively useless.
+Jim Treadway:
+ o Eliminated use of alarm() from the DNS resolver by converting
+ it to use select instead (much cleaner).
0.9.10 21 March 2002
Major new features: