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+0.9.17 25 January 2003
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+ I have always reserved the right to make binary incompatible changes as
+ needed prior to the "1.0" release. This release is a good example of
+ that. A few bugs turned up that needed to be fixed and the only good way
+ to fix them was to change some fundamental data structure sizes. So I did
+ just that. As a result, this release is _NOT_ binary compatible with
+ earlier releases -- you will need to recompile your applications.
+Release highlights:
+ Stefan Allius
+ o fixed a number of shared library loader bugs
+ o setjmp, longjmp, clone, and vfork cleanups for the SH architecture
+ o Don't build the config system with ncurses unless asked to
+ Tobias Anderberg
+ o cris architecture updates
+ Erik Andersen
+ o Changed 'struct stat' and 'struct stat64' so they use types that
+ are consistant with use elsewhere in the library. Without this,
+ subtle bugs would occur due to comparing signed and unsigned
+ types (for example, GNU tar wouldn't work)
+ o Fixed dlopen so it works with staticly linked apps
+ o Fixed sigaction on arm architecture so sa_restorer works properly
+ o Fixed sigaction on x86 architecture for (fixed debugging threads)
+ o Fixed a wide char related segfault in the regular expression code
+ o Powerpc pread and pwrite are now implemented correctly
+ o Powerpc syscall mechanism reimplemented
+ o Sparc architecture and syscall mechanism fixed up so things compile
+ o usershell reimplemented
+ o Fixed global destructors for staticly linked applications
+ o Added dynamic atexit support (needed for full C++ ctor/dtor support)
+ o The ldd utility now acts more like the GNU utility
+ o Added a stub libnsl library to make stupid configure scripts bahave
+ o Always build crt1.o as well as crt0.o to minimize the need to mess
+ with the compiler
+ o Rewrote powerpc crt0.S to properly handle ctors/dtors
+ o Removed unimplemented and legacy stuff from our header files to
+ make configure behave better
+ o Made the lib loader also support libs in /usr/X11R6/lib by default
+ o Config system updates
+ o networking function updates
+ o Large file support updates
+ o Lots of other little bug fixes and cleanups
+ Nick Fedchik
+ o Support ether_aton
+ Nathan Field
+ o Fixed pthread_mutex_lock and pthread_mutex_unlock so they
+ actually work as advertised on mips
+ o Fixed several nasty pthread bugs fixing debugging
+ Brett Hunt
+ o Fixed potential segfaults during 'make menuconfig'
+ Jay Kulpinski
+ o Fixed a subtle problem in the DNS resolver that prevented
+ uncompressed DNS lookup responses from working
+ David McCullough
+ o Fixed pclose error handling
+ David Meggy
+ o fixed the problem where arm binaries would crash on start
+ that Erik stupidly caused right before the last release.
+ Manuel Novoa III
+ o Major locale support update!
+ o Allow people to use pregenerated locale data instead of generating
+ approx 40Mb of glibc locales to get the 300+ locales currently
+ supported.
+ o locale dependent collation support
+ o Fixed locale support tools to work when cross-compiling
+ o Added the *wprintf functions
+ o Added the wcsto{inttype} functions
+ o Added iconv() and a mini iconv utility
+ o Added hsearch and hsearch_r
+ o Fixed a silly bug allowing wprintf %s to work correctly.
+ o Fixed fdopen when used with "a" (append).
+ o Fixed stdio file position handing to be sure fell() always
+ gives correct results
+ Luc Van Oostenryck
+ o Fixed a buffer overflow in getlogin_r
+ Yoshinori Sato
+ o Hitachi h8300 architecture update
+ Ronald Wahl
+ o Powerpc shared library relocation fixes
+ -Erik
0.9.16 8 November 2002
See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
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-2003-01-24 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-24 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
+ * libc/sysdeps/linux/powerpc/bits/kernel_stat.h:
+ Fix powerpc struct kernel_stat types
+ * test/stat/stat.c:
+ Stick some evil casts in to make sure this works regardless
+ of the underlying data types.
+ * libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/bits/stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/powerpc/bits/stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/powerpc/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/bits/stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/m68k/bits/stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/alpha/bits/stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/alpha/bits/types.h:
+ A few more needed updates
+ * Changelog.full, Rules.mak: Begin release preparations...
+ * ldso/ldso/readelflib1.c:
+ Support having libs in /usr/X11R6/lib by default as well
+ * Makefile: Stupid typo
* libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/powerpc/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/m68k/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/cris/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/xstatconv.c, libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/alpha/bits/types.h:
Finish up fixing stat and setting various system types.
@@ -39,7 +56,7 @@
allocating size incorrectly....
-2003-01-23 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-23 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/v850/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/sh/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/sh/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/i960/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/m68k/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/m68k/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/cris/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/alpha/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/Makefile:
Update architecture specific support to consistantly
@@ -62,13 +79,13 @@
* Rules.mak: Shuffle OPTIMIZATION setting a bit
-2003-01-23 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2003-01-23 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/stdio/stdio.c:
Wasn't thinking... we don't need to seek to end when appending if stdio
is built without buffer support.
-2003-01-23 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-23 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* test/unistd/Makefile, test/termios/Makefile, test/string/Makefile, test/stdlib/Makefile, test/stat/Makefile, test/silly/Makefile, test/signal/Makefile, test/pwd_grp/Makefile, test/malloc/Makefile, test/math/.cvsignore, test/math/Makefile, test/math/rint.c, test/crypt/Makefile, test/Config, test/Rules.mak:
Update tests to be somewhat consistant with the rest of the world
@@ -132,7 +149,7 @@
Patch from Brett Hunt at micron.com to fixup potential segfaults
during 'make menuconfig'
-2003-01-22 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2003-01-22 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/stdio/stdio.c:
Fixed a bug related file position in append mode. _stdio_fwrite now
@@ -143,7 +160,7 @@
the underlying file didn't have O_APPEND set. It now sets the
O_APPEND flag as recommended by SUSv3 and is done by glibc.
-2003-01-22 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-22 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/signal/sigaction.c, libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/sigaction.c, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/kernel_sigaction.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/syscalls.c, libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/sigaction.c:
Update sigaction syscall names to act more like glibc. Fix the x86 sigaction
@@ -151,14 +168,14 @@
much better now, for example, on multi-threaded apps.
-2003-01-22 sjhill <sjhill@dillweed>
+2003-01-22 sjhill <sjhill@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/bits/kernel_types.h:
Changed '__kernel_nlink_t' data type to match Linux/MIPS kernel type
definition and to be consistent with the ABI. Done per conversation
with Ralf (Linux/MIPS) maintainer.
-2003-01-22 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-22 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/sigaction.c, libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/sigrestorer.S:
Add in arm specific sigaction implementation to fix sa_restorer
@@ -170,37 +187,37 @@
Looks like sigaction on arm needs adjustment, so split this into
a common header file and a default implementation.
-2003-01-18 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-18 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/misc/file/Makefile, libc/misc/file/lockf64.c:
Only include lockf64 when large file support is enabled, fixing
a problem noticed by Jeff Mock. Sorry about that.
-2003-01-17 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-17 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* Rules.mak: Remember to also export LC_ALL in addition to setting it.
-2003-01-16 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-16 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/Configs/Config.arm, extra/Configs/Config.i386, extra/Configs/Config.i386.default, Rules.mak:
Update build rules a bit. fix quoting problems. Update default
x86 compiler optimization to not force building i386 opcodes.
-2003-01-14 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-14 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* Rules.mak: Strip off unwanted quotes from ARCH_CFLAGS. Attempt to
enforce consistent sort order, 'gcc -print-search-dirs'
behavior, etc by forcing the build into the C locale.
-2003-01-11 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-11 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/config/Makefile:
Patch from Robert Schwebel -- support ncurses installed in /usr/local
-2003-01-10 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-10 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/uclibc.org/index.html: Update website dev image blurb
@@ -218,7 +235,7 @@
* libc/inet/Makefile, libc/inet/ether_addr.c:
Patch from Nick Fedchik to support ether_aton
-2003-01-09 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-09 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/uclibc.org/index.html:
mention the uClibc root_fs now available on uclibc.org
@@ -227,48 +244,48 @@
Hide unimplemented and legacy ecvt and friends from configure.
-2003-01-08 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-08 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* include/inttypes.h:
Disable the __USE_EXTERN_INLINES versions of these headers, which
use non-existant glibc internals.
-2003-01-08 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2003-01-08 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* include/stdlib.h:
For now, "#if 0" out the inlining of (currently unsupported) glibc-specific
string->numeric conversion functions.
-2003-01-08 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-08 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/uclibc.org/index.html:
Lineo has ceased to exist and is no longer a sponsor
-2003-01-05 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2003-01-05 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/stdio/stdio.c, TODO:
Fix a silly bug in _wstdio_fwrite. wprintf %s should now work correctly.
-2003-01-03 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-03 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* ldso/libdl/dlib.c:
If they call dlopen with anything other than RTLD_LAZY
or RTLD_NOW then we need to error out.
-2003-01-02 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2003-01-02 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/bits/syscalls.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/__longjmp.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/fork.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/rem.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/sdiv.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/setjmp.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/sysdep.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/udiv.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/umul.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/urem.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sparc/vfork.S, libpthread/linuxthreads/sysdeps/sparc/pt-machine.h, libpthread/linuxthreads/sysdeps/sparc/sigcontextinfo.h:
Rework sparc architecture support so it will compile
and run. Seems to be working...
-2002-12-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/powerpc/Makefile:
Be sure we have a crt1.o file. Use the asm version by default.
-2002-12-20 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-12-20 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* TODO: Update.
@@ -283,11 +300,11 @@
The big thing is locale dependent collation support.
Also added outdigit support and (legacy) YESSTR/NOSTR support.
-2002-12-19 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-19 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/uclibc.org/uClibc-apps.html: Thanks to Siim Vahtre, add mplayer
-2002-12-18 miles <miles@dillweed>
+2002-12-18 miles <miles@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/v850/sys/procfs.h: Initial checkin
@@ -304,7 +321,7 @@
Rename longjmp.S to __longjmp.S
Remove extra weak symbols defined by ../common/longjmp.c
-2002-12-17 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-17 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/config/Makefile, extra/Makefile:
Patch from Stefan Allius. Only build config stuff when needed.
@@ -314,7 +331,7 @@
_DIRENT_HAVE_D_TYPE is not defined.
-2002-12-13 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-13 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/config/Makefile, extra/Configs/Config.in, Makefile, Rules.mak:
Only build the ncurses stuff when it is needed, based on a
@@ -324,7 +341,7 @@
* Rules.mak: Move the soft float check
-2002-12-12 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-12 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* ldso/libdl/Makefile, ldso/libdl/dlib.c, ldso/ldso/hash.c, ldso/ldso/ldso.c, ldso/ldso/readelflib1.c:
Rework things such that staticly linked applications can use
@@ -370,21 +387,21 @@
* libresolv/resolv.c: Avoid silly namespace pollution
-2002-12-11 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-11 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/Glibc_vs_uClibc_Differences.txt: Remove a stray ')'
-2002-12-11 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-12-11 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/uClibc_ctype.h:
Remove trailing comma from enum list as a nicety for older compilers.
-2002-12-09 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-09 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* Rules.mak: Cleanup the case when using the system shared lib loader
-2002-12-05 tobiasa <tobiasa@dillweed>
+2002-12-05 tobiasa <tobiasa@uclibc.org>
* Rules.mak: Added CPU_CFLAGS and CPU_LDFLAGS for cris.
Added additional CFLAGS for cris when compiling with PIC.
@@ -395,7 +412,7 @@
Added a default configuration for cris.
-2002-12-04 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-04 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* test/Makefile, test/Rules.mak, libc/unistd/Makefile, Makefile, Rules.mak, extra/config/Makefile, extra/gcc-uClibc/Makefile, extra/locale/Makefile, ldso/util/Makefile:
Change some variable names so we are more consistant with what
@@ -428,11 +445,11 @@
* libc/sysdeps/linux/common/getcwd.c:
Properly allocate memory when size is 0, but so is buf
-2002-12-03 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-03 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* Rules.mak: Make the arm cpu-specific optimizations work properly
-2002-12-02 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-12-02 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* Makefile:
Don't leak outside of the target area when installing things.
@@ -441,7 +458,7 @@
* extra/Configs/Config.in: Spelling fixes
-2002-12-02 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-12-02 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/misc/search/Makefile: Cut and paste error.
@@ -449,31 +466,31 @@
Add hsearch and hsearch_r. Consolidate all functions prototyped in
search.h in one directory.
-2002-12-01 davidm <davidm@dillweed>
+2002-12-01 davidm <davidm@uclibc.org>
* libc/stdio/popen.c:
If the wait failed in pclose it would return a random status code
instead of -1 as expected.
-2002-12-01 ds <ds@dillweed>
+2002-12-01 ds <ds@uclibc.org>
* ldso/util/ldd.c:
Make ldd work even more like GNU ldd by appending dummy load addresses
-2002-11-29 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-29 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/crt0.S: I forgot to include features.h
* libc/sysdeps/linux/sh/crt0.S:
Silly me, I forgot to include features.h
-2002-11-28 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-28 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* ldso/ldso/ldso.c: Kill a bit of unused cruft
* test/Rules.mak: Fix compilation on mips
-2002-11-27 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-27 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/Configs/Config.in, extra/gcc-uClibc/Makefile, extra/gcc-uClibc/gcc-uClibc.c, extra/scripts/get-needed-libgcc-objects.sh, libc/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/Makefile, libc/sysdeps/linux/arm/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/i386/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/mips/crt0.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/sh/crt0.S, libpthread/Makefile:
Make support for global constructors and global destructors be
@@ -485,32 +502,32 @@
Fixup sysconf to report the correct answer when UCLIBC_DYNAMIC_ATEXIT
is enabled.
-2002-11-27 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-11-27 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/stdio/printf.c: Fix an ifdef mismatch.
-2002-11-27 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-27 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/Configs/Config.sparc: Fix the defaults to make them be sane
-2002-11-27 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-11-27 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/misc/time/time.c:
Fix bug in setting daylight and timezone when no (valid) TZ.
Bug reported by Arne Bernin <arne@alamut.de> in regards to freeswan.
-2002-11-23 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-11-23 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/misc/wchar/wchar.c: Oops.. left in a bit of debugging code.
-2002-11-23 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-23 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* Makefile:
Use 'install' rather than 'mkdir -p' for target directories.
Add $(PREFIX) to avoid leaking things at install time.
-2002-11-22 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@dillweed>
+2002-11-22 Manuel Novoa III <mjn3@uclibc.org>
* libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/uClibc_locale.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/uClibc_stdio.h, libc/stdlib/Makefile, libc/stdlib/stdlib.c, libc/stdio/stdio.c, libc/stdio/Makefile, libc/stdio/printf.c, libc/misc/wchar/Makefile, libc/misc/wchar/wchar.c, libc/misc/wchar/wstdio.c, libc/misc/time/time.c, libc/misc/locale/locale.c, ldso/util/Makefile, include/iconv.h, extra/locale/Makefile, extra/locale/README, extra/locale/gen_ldc.c, extra/locale/gen_locale.c, extra/locale/gen_mmap.c, extra/locale/gen_wc8bit.c, extra/locale/gen_wctype.c, extra/locale/locale_mmap.h, docs/Glibc_vs_uClibc_Differences.txt, Makefile, TODO:
Ok... here's the summary:
@@ -526,7 +543,7 @@
{ UCS-4*, UCS-2*, UTF-32*, UTF-16*, UTF-8 }, the 8-bit codesets built
with the locale data, and the internal WCHAR_T.
-2002-11-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/unistd/usershell.c:
Oops. As Pavel Roskin notes, I forgot to conditionally include
@@ -537,12 +554,12 @@
Doh! As Stefan Allius points out, I forgot to properly review
this change.
-2002-11-21 miles <miles@dillweed>
+2002-11-21 miles <miles@uclibc.org>
* libc/stdlib/malloc/malloc.h, libc/stdlib/malloc/malloc_debug.c:
Debugging tweaks.
-2002-11-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/inet/getaddrinfo.c: Oops.
@@ -552,12 +569,12 @@
* Rules.mak, extra/Configs/Config.h8300, extra/scripts/initfini.awk, libc/misc/internals/abi-note.S, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/bits/kernel_stat.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/bits/kernel_types.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/bits/mman.h, libc/sysdeps/linux/h8300/sys/ucontext.h:
Patch from Yoshinori Sato to update the h8300 architecture.
-2002-11-21 miles <miles@dillweed>
+2002-11-21 miles <miles@uclibc.org>
* extra/Configs/Config.in, libc/stdlib/malloc/Makefile, libc/stdlib/malloc/free.c, libc/stdlib/malloc/heap_debug.c, libc/stdlib/malloc/malloc.c, libc/stdlib/malloc/malloc.h, libc/stdlib/malloc/malloc_debug.c, libc/stdlib/malloc/realloc.c:
Improve malloc debugging support.
-2002-11-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-21 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* ldso/util/ldd.c:
Act more like the GNU version. Accept multiple args. Accept/ignore
@@ -569,7 +586,7 @@
any chance of actually building with debug symbols.
-2002-11-20 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-20 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/unistd/usershell.c:
Rework usershell.c, as the old one was packed full of unhandled
@@ -593,7 +610,7 @@
Patch from Aidan Van Dyk to make _toupper and _tolower
work properly, reverting my wrong reading of SuSv3
-2002-11-19 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-19 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/Glibc_vs_uClibc_Differences.txt: Update verbage regarding NIS
@@ -639,7 +656,7 @@
* include/regex.h: Update to sync up with glibc 2.3
-2002-11-15 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-15 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* ldso/libdl/dlib.c:
For now, revert Ronald Wahl's change to dlopen. We need to
@@ -718,7 +735,7 @@
I was an idiot and put _fini into the wrong register. Duh.
This patch from David Meggy fixes it...
-2002-11-14 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-14 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* libc/misc/regex/regex.c:
As released in uClibc 0.9.16, regex was being compiled without
@@ -737,7 +754,7 @@
* ldso/ldso/arm/boot1_arch.h: Add missing quotes
-2002-11-12 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-12 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* ldso/ldso/powerpc/elfinterp.c: A powerpc patch from Ronald Wahl:
@@ -780,21 +797,21 @@
-2002-11-11 sjhill <sjhill@dillweed>
+2002-11-11 sjhill <sjhill@uclibc.org>
* test/Makefile:
Add in 'ldso' to directory list since 'make clean' was not recursing
into it.
-2002-11-10 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-10 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* docs/uclibc.org/index.html: Don't link to us.kernel.org
-2002-11-09 aaronl <aaronl@dillweed>
+2002-11-09 aaronl <aaronl@uclibc.org>
* extra/Configs/Config.in.arch: fix typo
-2002-11-09 Erik Andersen <andersen@dillweed>
+2002-11-09 Erik Andersen <andersen@uclibc.org>
* extra/config/confdata.c, extra/config/mconf.c: Update from upstream