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+Major new features:
+ o pthreads support (derived from glibc 2.1.3's linuxthreads library)
+ by Stefan Soucek and Erik Andersen
+ o pthreads support for MMU-less systems, by Stefan Soucek
+ o Complete rewrite of all stdio functions for standards compliance,
+ small size, pthreads support, wide/narrow stream support, large
+ file support, unbuffered support, etc, etc by Manuel Novoa III
+ o gcc wrapper reworked by Erik Andersen. Now operated correctly in
+ all known cases, and now wraps g++ as well for C++ support.
+ o constructor/destructor support, for C++ by Erik Andersen.
+ o Eliminated duplicate include/bits header files, by Erik Andersen.
+ Now all common include/bits headers are grouped together.
+Manuel Novoa III:
+ o Rewrote all stdio functions for standards compliance, small size,
+ pthreads support, wide/narrow stream support, large file support,
+ unbuffered support, etc, etc, etc.
+ o Rewrote the various string to int functions to be smaller, more
+ standards compilant, and reduce dependance on libgcc.a.
+Erik Andersen:
+ o Lots of changes and improvements to the shared library loader
+ o Cleaned up a piles of bugs
+ o Fixed a segfault when scandir was called on empty directories.
+ o Several syscalls added: pread/pwrite
+ o Makefile/build system cleanups
+ o Sighandling fixes
+ o pthreads support (with Stefan Soucek)
+ o Added ldexp to the C89 math library, per POSIX
+ o fclose() EINTR handling is now correct per IEEE Std 1003.1-2001
+ o Support isblank()
+ o Reworked libcrypt to avoid leaking private symbols into the namespace
+ o Added strtof(), strtold(), updwtmp(), strptime()
+ o Fix ldso build for older arm cross compilers
+M. R. Brown:
+ o Fixed pthread support for SH, and fixed SH vfork as well
+ o Fixed SH headers after Erik messed them up
+David McCullough:
+ o Coldfire platform updates: clone, setjmp
+ o Fixed simple malloc to work on systems with an MMU
+David Schleef:
+ o Debian packaging updates
+ o Check for proper 16-byte aliged stack pointer on powerpc
+Brian Stafford:
+ o Rewrote strcasecmp() per SUSv2.
+Bart Visscher:
+ o missing IPV6 support and reentrant networking function additions
+ so iptables now runs with IPV6 support.
+Stefan Soucek:
+ o pthreads support for MMU-less systems
+ o pthreads support (with Erik Andersen)
+Yoshinori Sato:
+ o ptrace for the Hitachi h8300 fix
+Geoffrey Espin:
+ o Mips architecture cleanups. Now works perfectly
+ with busybox, vi, ash, etc...
+ o Merged in the random number support (rand, srand, etc) from glibc.
+Miles Bader:
+ o atexit cleanups
+ o fixed gcc wrapper handling of -M* options
+ o Fixed truncate64/ftruncate64 to restrict them to 64-bit systems,
+ since we can't be sure that the _syscall macros can cope with 64
+ bit args on 32 bit arches.
+ o Large File support on the v850
+ o Fixed v850 headers after Erik messed them up
+ o Eliminate include/features.h namespace pollution
+Thomas Fritzsche:
+ o Fixes DNS resolver bug from 0.9.9
+Steven J. Hill:
+ o Fixed build to support both mips and mipsel
+ o Beginnings of a mips ldso port
+Andrew Ip:
+ o Support for gnu error() functions
Erik Andersen: