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+0.9.17 25 January 2003
+See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.
+ I have always reserved the right to make binary incompatible changes as
+ needed prior to the "1.0" release. This release is a good example of
+ that. A few bugs turned up that needed to be fixed and the only good way
+ to fix them was to change some fundamental data structure sizes. So I did
+ just that. As a result, this release is _NOT_ binary compatible with
+ earlier releases -- you will need to recompile your applications.
+Release highlights:
+ Stefan Allius
+ o fixed a number of shared library loader bugs
+ o setjmp, longjmp, clone, and vfork cleanups for the SH architecture
+ o Don't build the config system with ncurses unless asked to
+ Tobias Anderberg
+ o cris architecture updates
+ Erik Andersen
+ o Changed 'struct stat' and 'struct stat64' so they use types that
+ are consistant with use elsewhere in the library. Without this,
+ subtle bugs would occur due to comparing signed and unsigned
+ types (for example, GNU tar wouldn't work)
+ o Fixed dlopen so it works with staticly linked apps
+ o Fixed sigaction on arm architecture so sa_restorer works properly
+ o Fixed sigaction on x86 architecture for (fixed debugging threads)
+ o Fixed a wide char related segfault in the regular expression code
+ o Powerpc pread and pwrite are now implemented correctly
+ o Powerpc syscall mechanism reimplemented
+ o Sparc architecture and syscall mechanism fixed up so things compile
+ o usershell reimplemented
+ o Fixed global destructors for staticly linked applications
+ o Added dynamic atexit support (needed for full C++ ctor/dtor support)
+ o The ldd utility now acts more like the GNU utility
+ o Added a stub libnsl library to make stupid configure scripts bahave
+ o Always build crt1.o as well as crt0.o to minimize the need to mess
+ with the compiler
+ o Rewrote powerpc crt0.S to properly handle ctors/dtors
+ o Removed unimplemented and legacy stuff from our header files to
+ make configure behave better
+ o Made the lib loader also support libs in /usr/X11R6/lib by default
+ o Config system updates
+ o networking function updates
+ o Large file support updates
+ o Lots of other little bug fixes and cleanups
+ Nick Fedchik
+ o Support ether_aton
+ Nathan Field
+ o Fixed pthread_mutex_lock and pthread_mutex_unlock so they
+ actually work as advertised on mips
+ o Fixed several nasty pthread bugs fixing debugging
+ Brett Hunt
+ o Fixed potential segfaults during 'make menuconfig'
+ Jay Kulpinski
+ o Fixed a subtle problem in the DNS resolver that prevented
+ uncompressed DNS lookup responses from working
+ David McCullough
+ o Fixed pclose error handling
+ David Meggy
+ o fixed the problem where arm binaries would crash on start
+ that Erik stupidly caused right before the last release.
+ Manuel Novoa III
+ o Major locale support update!
+ o Allow people to use pregenerated locale data instead of generating
+ approx 40Mb of glibc locales to get the 300+ locales currently
+ supported.
+ o locale dependent collation support
+ o Fixed locale support tools to work when cross-compiling
+ o Added the *wprintf functions
+ o Added the wcsto{inttype} functions
+ o Added iconv() and a mini iconv utility
+ o Added hsearch and hsearch_r
+ o Fixed a silly bug allowing wprintf %s to work correctly.
+ o Fixed fdopen when used with "a" (append).
+ o Fixed stdio file position handing to be sure fell() always
+ gives correct results
+ Luc Van Oostenryck
+ o Fixed a buffer overflow in getlogin_r
+ Yoshinori Sato
+ o Hitachi h8300 architecture update
+ Ronald Wahl
+ o Powerpc shared library relocation fixes
+ -Erik
0.9.16 8 November 2002
See Changelog.full for the complete list of who did what.