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diff --git a/ldso/ldso/sh/resolve.S b/ldso/ldso/sh/resolve.S
index e66d316ef..690367444 100644
--- a/ldso/ldso/sh/resolve.S
+++ b/ldso/ldso/sh/resolve.S
@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ _dl_linux_resolve:
mov.l r6, @-r15
mov.l r7, @-r15
mov.l r12, @-r15
- movt r3 ! Save T flag
- mov.l r3, @-r15
+ movt r4 ! Save T flag
+ mov.l r4, @-r15
#ifdef HAVE_FPU
sts.l fpscr, @-r15
- mov #8,r3
- swap.w r3, r3
- lds r3, fpscr
+ mov #8,r4
+ swap.w r4, r4
+ lds r4, fpscr
fmov.s fr11, @-r15
fmov.s fr10, @-r15
fmov.s fr9, @-r15
@@ -33,6 +33,31 @@ _dl_linux_resolve:
fmov.s fr4, @-r15
sts.l pr, @-r15
+#ifdef __SH_FDPIC__
+ /* On entry,
+ R0 the address of the resolver itself (this function)
+ R3 the GOT address (FDPIC value) for the resolver's GOT
+ R1 the address of the lazy PLT entry being resolved
+ R12 the GOT address for the caller's GOT
+ or sometimes for the called function's GOT
+ The uncertainty in R12 is due to a race condition when overwriting
+ the function descriptor. This code should not rely on R12.
+ Since we do not confidently know the value of the arguments to
+ _dl_linux_resolver, we pass the information we do have, and let it
+ work it out for itself ... it's easier to do this in C. */
+ mov.l @(8,r12), r4 ! load map
+ mov r1, r5 ! Lazy PLT stub
+ mov.l .L_dl_linux_resolver, r0
+ mov.l @(r0, r3), r6
+ mov.l @(0,r6), r7
+ jsr @r7
+ mov.l @(4,r6), r12
/* Note - The PLT entries have been "optimised" not to use r2. r2 is used by
GCC to return the address of large structures, so it should not be
corrupted here. This does mean however, that those PLTs does not conform
@@ -55,13 +80,15 @@ _dl_linux_resolve:
mov r2, r0 ! link map address in r2 (SH PIC ABI)
mov r0, r4 ! link map address in r0 (GNUs PLT)
mova .LG, r0
mov.l .LG, r5
add r5, r0
- mov.l 3f, r5
+ mov.l .L_dl_linux_resolver, r5
mov.l @(r0, r5),r5
jsr @r5
mov r1, r5 ! Reloc offset
lds.l @r15+, pr ! Get register content back
@@ -85,14 +112,23 @@ _dl_linux_resolve:
mov.l @r15+, r5
mov.l @r15+, r4
mov.l @r15+, r3
+#ifdef __SH_FDPIC__
+ mov.l @(4,r0), r12
+ mov.l @(0,r0), r0
jmp @r0 ! Jump to function address
mov.l @r15+, r2 ! see Note2 above
.balign 4
+#ifdef __SH_FDPIC__
+ .long _dl_linux_resolver@GOTFUNCDESC
.long _dl_linux_resolver@GOT
.size _dl_linux_resolve, . - _dl_linux_resolve