path: root/libc/sysdeps/linux/sh/sys
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* SH-2A FDPIC supportsuperh_fdpicGravatar Andrew Stubbs2011-02-231-0/+176
* Use gcc built-in defines for detecting SH cores instead ofGravatar Carmelo Amoroso2009-02-231-1/+1
* fix ioperm build problems caused by libc_hidden_proto removalGravatar Denis Vlasenko2008-11-211-0/+1
* whitespace only: touchups from Hans-Christian EgtvedtGravatar Mike Frysinger2008-01-051-2/+2
* Carmelo AMOROSO <carmelo.amoroso@st.com> writes:Gravatar Joakim Tjernlund2007-06-131-2/+14
* fixes from Carmelo AMOROSO to depend less on kernel headersGravatar Mike Frysinger2007-04-021-1/+10
* dont include asm/user.hGravatar Mike Frysinger2007-03-141-3/+53
* Sync sh's procfs.h with glibc, fixes gdbserver.Gravatar Paul Mundt2007-03-071-2/+2
* sync with upstream via psmGravatar Mike Frysinger2006-08-231-1/+3
* Remove generated stuff, restore sh/sys/procfs.h from M. R. BrownGravatar Eric Andersen2002-03-021-0/+117
* Major rework of the include files to eliminate redundancyGravatar Eric Andersen2002-03-013-0/+183