udhcp server/client package readme ------------------------- The udhcp server/client package is primarily geared towards embedded systems. It does however, strive to be fully functional, and RFC compliant. compile time options ------------------- The Makefile contains three of the compile time options: DEBUG: If DEBUG is defined, udhcpd will output extra debugging output, compile with -g, and not fork to the background when run. SYSLOG: If SYSLOG is defined, udhcpd will log all its messages syslog, otherwise, it will attempt to log them to stdout. COMBINED_BINARY: If COMBINED_BINARY is define, one binary, udhcpd, is created. If called as udhcpd, the dhcp server will be started. If called as udhcpc, the dhcp client will be started. dhcpd.h contains the other two compile time options: LEASE_TIME: The default lease time if not specified in the config file. DHCPD_CONFIG_FILE: The defualt config file to use. options.c contains a set of dhcp options for the client: name[10]: The name of the option as it will appear in scripts flags: The type of option, as well as if it will be requested by the client (OPTION_REQ) code: The DHCP code for this option busybox drop-in -------------- udhcp is now a drop-in component for busybox (http://busybox.net). To update busybox to the latest revision, simply do a: cp *.[ch] README AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog TODO \ /networking/udhcp The only two files udhcp does not provide are config.in and Makefile.in, so these may need to be updated from time to time.